I mustache you to humor me

Looking at my blog, it is quite evident that I need to update the pictures on my side bar. But then I realize that even the updates are a year and a half old.

So it is apparently time to get some more pictures of my little (or not-so-little) cuties to post here for all of you to admire. (Or ignore, whichever.) Conveniently, my favorite photographer (and cute little brother) is in town for the summer. (Before he moves off to the ends of the earth (aka Texas) for his first real-life grown-up job.)

But, until we get around to that, you can enjoy these outdated updates that were taken by Jonathan and "improved" by my other favorite brother, Grant. (Forgive me if you already saw these on facebook. They crack me up too much not to share again.)

 You're welcome.

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Rachael said...

They are so cute!