Jumping back in

I have started lots of posts for this little blog over the last several months, both online and in my head, but failed to actually post one. I feel out of the blogging loop and not really sure that I really have anything to share, but I miss writing regularly, so we'll give it another shot. But I wouldn't recommend holding your breath.

So, I know I mentioned that I was expecting off hand in my last post (the only post on this blog in the last 15 months or so, how did that happen?) but since that was, um, last September, I should introduce you to this little guy. We'll call him Toulouse on the blog, though we don't in person. His real life nickname is another city in France, but this works.

He was born in early December, which means he is just almost 6 months old.

He was a biggish baby (9 pounds, 5.6 ounces), but put on weight like it was going out of style. He is quite the little chunker. He has a VSD like Lou's but it is much smaller and does not seem to be affecting him at all. (And hers, while still present, is not really affecting our lives much beyond an occasional check-up.)

His Mother's Day gift to me was finally cutting his first tooth. The second one finally cut through this morning, so we should be done with the whole constant gnawing and drooling thing for at least a little while.

I love this face. How could you not? Little Toulouse is just about the cutest thing you have ever seen. I probably shouldn't say this online for fear of hate mail, but I don't think you could ever meet a sweeter baby. He is happy nearly all of the time. He'll get slightly fussy if he needs a new diaper, a nap, or a meal, but otherwise he is happy all. the. time. And he started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old.

Also, his hair does that mohawk all on it's own. I love it.

His siblings LOVE him. Morty is particularly enamored and loves to coo at him in a high baby voice "You're SOOO cute!" Also Lou. I'm frequently afraid of his being smothered by her over-physical affection. Ferdie likes him, but is usually happy to let him be.

Though I have my doubts that anyone still reads this blog, thanks for checking in! Hopefully you'll see more posts from yours truly in the near future. But if not, it's because I'm munching on this cute little man!


Bethany said...

I read! Keep posting--love those kiddos and their mama :)

Rachael said...

He is super darling! I'm happy you blogged!!!

Trevor said...

Okay, he's adorable! And I can NOT remember his real name for the life of me!

Trevor said...

Oops! That was me, Emily :)