I've always liked Grape Nuts. I know some people think they taste like cardboard, but I like the way they taste. And as I've become more aware and conscientious about what I put into my body, I love the ingredient list as well. Short, sweet, and to the point with no added sugars and no unpronouncable ingredients.

Imagine my dismay, then, when I noticed last January (as in 2013) that they decided to change up their recipe in order to promote "8g of protein per serving!" by adding soy protein isolate. I'm not allergic to soy and I'm not opposed to soy in all forms, but I do have problem with messing with a perfectly good thing, and ingredients that are overly processed. Plus soy is typically genetically modified, which I don't love.

So I stopped buying them.

I complained about it to all of you on facebook and even contacted Post directly to express my displeasure at the change. All I got was a generic form-letter reply.

I missed them, but I survived. I think Tom missed them more than I did.

Then, several months ago, they added a "verified non-GMO project" (or something like that) badge to their boxes. I felt better that the soy protein isolate was at least not a GMO, so I bought some for Tom's sake, but I still wasn't thrilled about it.

I also found a reasonable replacement in a generic brand at Fred Meyer, without the added soy protein. It was/is more expensive than Grape Nuts at Costco, and didn't quite taste the same,  but I figured it was worth it.

Then, just last week, I noticed the new boxes of Grape Nuts at Costco had a new "SOY FREE!" claim on the front. HOORAY! They have reverted to their original recipe and I couldn't be more happy.

I am sure that this is all thanks to my personal, private boycott. Or not. But either way, I'm thrilled. (And eating Grape Nuts every morning for breakfast.)

(And no, this post is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or paid for by Post or Costco. I'm sure they don't even know I exist.)


Bethany said...

I loved Grape Nuts as a kid! I can't do cereal anymore because it messes up my blood sugar no matter how I time/dose my insulin, but I do miss them. They made my jaw hurt, though. You must have awesome chomping muscles.

------------------------------- said...

Make sure to write them a letter to thank them. They obviously got a flood of mail. I'm sure that the numbers will speak for themselves, as people begin to buy them again. But, it is good to know that your voice was heard!

~Lisa Lewis~