And the fun is over

Ella asked me the other day, "So what else are we doing this summer?" and the answer was "nothing."

While we still have at least 6 weeks of summer before school starts up again, I feel like summer is over. Tom has the majority of July off from work and we've been living it up. We did Wild Waves (water and theme park) a trip to the Oregon coast, a family reunion at Lake Cushman, bought a play set for our back yard, and celebrated the fourth of July all within a couple of weeks.

And now we're done.

I mean, sure, we'll spend a night at Grandma's house here or there, camp in the back yard, and play with friends, but our big, anticipated trips and events are all done and over.

And it makes me sad.

(But at least I'll have more time for blogging. I'll be posting pictures from our trips in the semi-near future.)

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