What's your problem?

I pride myself on being able to do things.

I may watch numerous youtube videos to see how it is done. I may have to call my dad and have him walk me through things. But I get them done.

When the pipe that fills the water heater started leaking, did we call a plumber? No, I called my dad, and then I replumbed the line.

When the handle to the driver's side door on Tom's car broke off, did we take it to a shop? No, I watched some youtube videos, ordered a replacement from Amazon, and replaced it.

When we moved into this house and the water dispenser on the fridge was nonfunctional, I figured out why and fixed it.

I've changed headlights, repaired a washing machine, rewired a lamp, and fixed a broken seatbelt, just to name a few. It's not that I'm an expert at anything, I'm just not afraid to try and I'm willing to put in some time to get to the bottom of the issue.

So when our garage refrigerator stopped working, I figured I could figure it out. There was a excess of frost building up on the back wall of the freezer, but the fridge and rest of the freezer was not nearly cold enough. There was so much frost built up that the evaporator fan (the one that blows all the cold air around) was frozen in place. After giving it a good defrosting, things seemed to be doing better, but within a few days it started acting up again.

My google searching (that's a lie, I use swagbucks as a search engine) led me to believe it was a default in the defrost heater, the thing that routinely melts all the built up frost in your freezer. But of course that part is no longer manufactured for my refrigerator. The other two components of the defrost system (the timer and the thermostat) were available for purchase, but I didn't want to buy them without making sure that they were the culprit.

So, I called my dad and borrowed his multimeter, sure that one of the three things would show evidence of malfunctioning.

But they don't.

They all check out fine and now I'm back to square one with no idea how to proceed, apart from calling the appliance recycling people to come pick up the beast.

And as frustrated as I am that I'm down a refrigerator (and a freezer), I'm more put out that I can't solve the problem.


Rachael said...

I leave these things up to Michael. He's the handy one. It's awesome that you are, too! Good luck!

Linda said...

I had the same problem! My extra freezer wasn't cold enough. All the parts check out with the meter. I love the freezer and held on to it for months hoping I could get it up and going. It was from Costco, so I was able to get a full refund, but they don't sell the same kind anymore. I was SO disappointed I couldn't figure it out.

Linda said...

I finally gave in and returned this last weekend.