I'm waiting...

I am not the world's most patient person.

But I am especially not the world's most patient person when I have a gift I'm excited to give. To Tom, in particular.

Which is funny because he is not the most exuberant gift receiver. My kids will "ooh" and "aah" and squeal like nobody's business, but Tom is good with a heartfelt thank you and he moves on.

But I'm horrible at postponing giving gifts to him.

So my current dilemma: I made a photobook for Tom for our ten-year anniversary later this month. The shipping guidelines advise 1-5 days for production and 1-5 days for shipping. So, like the awesome planner I am, I ordered the book last Thursday, 11 business days before our anniversary.

And it came today.

I ordered it Thursday (afternoon, too--like 2:30), they shipped it Friday, and it was on my front porch this afternoon.

So now, I have to wait TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS.

Or break down like I usually do and give it to him early.

(Also, it is a good thing he doesn't read this blog, or then the surprise would be ruined.)

(Watch, he will probably pick this week to start reading my blog. That would serve me right.)

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------------------------------- said...

At least you waited until your 10 year anniversary. I gave up and did one at 8. Then when 10 rolled around, I had nothing exciting to do.

~Lisa Lewis~